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House Cleaning

Manley, an elderly man in Joplin, is seeking assistance with light house cleaning on a monthly basis.  He has vision problems and is unable to do some of the necessary chores around the house.  If you would like to help, please contact or 417.623.6030 ext 121.


Stephen, a disabled Joplin resident, has no family in state.  He needs to have a medical procedure done, and can't make the appointment until he has someone to transport him, and sit with him upon arrival at home.  He is 2 years overdue with the appointment.  If you would like to help Stephen, please contact, or 417.623.6030 ext. 121.

Lawn Car

William, a disabled veteran, has a dead tree that needs to be cut down before it damages property.  William is unable to do the work himself due to complications from a previous surgery.  If you would like to get a group together to help William, please contact or 417.623.6030 ext. 121.



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